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Creates a blade-proof material that is easy for everyone to use.

What is CYGUS®

It is our unique thread that other company may not have. It is used for protecting things, places and people's lives.


It is produced as a substitute for "Sasumata"(man catcher). It is easy to use and everyone know how to use this.

Slash&Stab Guard Mat

This product is produced by using CYGUS® inside of the mat. It can protect not only slashing, but also stabbing.




An unprecedented belt made by weaving CYGUS® yarn and stainless steel wire together.

Body Protection

There are some products made by CYGUS® such as these pictures on the right side. These products are produced for protecting your body so that many of them are used in daily lives.


More About CYGUS®

Not only is CYGUS® adapted to these products above, but it is also adapted to fabrics, rope&webbing strap, and other products. You can see some of them just by clicking the botton.

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