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Rope and Webbing Strap


Needle loom can be used to develop webbing straps with widths from 5 mm to 150 mm. Ideal for protective parts and belts. Shoe laces and ropes can also be produced. Shoe laces that are difficult to break can also be made, which can be applied to soccer and other situations where shoe laces are easily broken.

In addition, as a unique technology, belts woven together with SUS304 (stainless steel wire) can be used as anti-theft belts that are difficult to cut even with well-cut scissors, or as a material to protect oneself as it is, like a protective belly band.

The wires can be up to 2φ and the number of wires can be up to 20 per 5 cm on a φ1 base. Different materials such as tungsten wire are also possible.

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