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Slash Guard Umbrella

What to do in case of an emergency in a public place.​


The umbrella installed CYGUS® fabric. It is durable against knife attack. Depending on the situation, the piercing will open a hole, but it is difficult to cut through. Therefore, it is possible to keep a certain distance or take it away depending on the weapon.

Also, it is possible to improve the cut-resistant strength by adjusting the thickness of the fabric.


Easy to use

This umbrella is shaped literally "umbrella", so everyone knows how to use it. If you suddenly met a stranger with a knife, you could use this to protect yourself and your the one as soon as possible  Also, women can use it easily because it is not that heavy. 



Can see the offender through the umbrella

Because the only brack part is transparent, you can see its outside of the umbrella from its inside. It results that you can escape looking at the offender and properly deal with the offender's attack.


Great combination with LED light

This umbrella has a really great synergy with LED light. More specifically, it can only let people escape, but when used in conjunction with LED lights, it can blind the offenders' vision.

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