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<Woven Fabric>

Plain Weave: 2 warp x 2 weft:

CYGUSⓇ woven fabric have very good slash guarding property and suitable for security vest, items, outdoor products, sports products, etc. As the yarn is strong, most room cannot weave especially latest water jet room and air jet room. Parts also break easily.
 TASKMATE cooporate with certain weaver and developed fabric.

Left picture fabric specification for reference

 Plain weave / Width 100㎝ / Weight abt219g/m2
 Tearing Strength(JIS L 1096 D method):Not Teared
 Tensile Strength(JIS L 1096 A method):
    Warp 5,910N x Weft 4,870N

The JIS machine could not teared CYGUSⓇ fabric. Tensile Strength scored ultra specification numbers. Tested at KAKEN, third party.
 The weaving machine is Jaquard, so we can make color mixing fabric with any types of artwork or logos. We can weave from only 10m for test weaving.

※This fabric is very difficult to cut by regular cutting machine. It sould be cut by Laser or Ultrasonic or Diamond coated blade cutting. We can cut and sell by pattern piece if you wish. 


Welf knitting:

it is possbile to manufacture the weight 380g/m2 ~ 1200g/m2. The width is about 85cm for 380g, about 40cm for 1200g.

it is best for some moving parts because the light type has stretchness. Also, it is used as a material to improve the stab-resistance ability with other fabrics.


Mesh knitting:

It is possbile to make mesh fabric by warp knitting machine.

This fabric is good for adding anti-theft property to bags. You just put this mesh in between face fabric and lining fabric, then the mesh will protect from knife cutting.

Circular knitting:

Cylindrical items such as neck warmers/arm guards can be knitted directly to the product. It is also possible to combine CYGUS® on the outside and cotton on the inside, etc. Wide width fabrics are currently under development.

Wrap knitting:

The black part on the front is CYGUS and the white part on the back is the face, making the fabric pleasant to the touch while increasing surface protection. The mesh construction keeps you cool even in summer. It is a material that can be worn fashionably, yet provides increased protection.

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