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It is only about 80g

This is a belt which woven CYGUS and SUS304 wire together. It is difficult to cut with cloth cutting scissors, and with a tool to cut the wire lock called a clipper, a two-stage anti-theft belt that cuts the wire but not the CYGUS.

This is ideal for simple locking at touring sites, can be carried in a back pocket for locking at bicycle races and etc. With a 2m length or longer, it is possible to ground-lock the front and rear wheels and the body of the bicycle after turning them. A 2.5m length can also protect the battery of an electrically power assisted bicycle



Loop one side to efficiently accommodate a variety of uses



By passing one end through the loop, it is now possible to use twice the length of a conventional loop and to connect several individuals at the same time.

Demonstrations with CYGUS KIREN BELT

​With a Cutter knife

     it is tried to cut with cutter knife with considereble force, but the result was not even a scratch on the cutting fool. In the first place, we determined that it was almost impossible to cut the stainless steel wire even after spending a large amount of time on it, because a cutter knife does not have the ability to cut stainless steel wires.

​With a Scissors

     I was hoping to cut just the CYGUS using scissors, and of course tried to cut it at high speed.
   As a result, we were able to confirm a small amount of cutting and fraying in the CYGUS section, but it stopped at the stainless steel wire and further cutting was deemed impossible, even after spending a considerable amount of time on it.

​With a Nipper

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