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Dog Toy

Everyone who has a pet has experienced that the toys they use are falling apart as soon as they realize it. However, toys made of CYGUS (weft knitting) are resistant to breakage no matter how hard pets chew or swing them around, and can be used for a long time because they are more durable than commercially available pet toys.

Because it is a prototype, its shape is square. However, it is possible to be shaped like a bone and also possible to make it use for a couch cover , which can be more durable.

Safety Net

Store Security Net: It can prevent your store from theft. We can offer you the best option according to the defense level and cost that you want.
Animal: It can protect animals from injured by Wild boar and deer.
Binding: It is the best for binding criminals. We can support to develop based on your needs, such as flying, dropping and so on.
Rescure: Helping people by rope need some power fo rescured person.The net

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