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01 Fabric

Here introduces some fabrics that are made of CYGUS thread. There are some ways such as plain weave, jacquard, weft knitting and etc.

What is CYGUS

CYGUS, stands for "Composite Yarn Guarding Slash", is our original cut-resustant thread brand with high cut-proof ability and the weight is 481denier. As the features, compared to aramid fibers and high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers conventionally used as cut-resistant yarn, it has demonstrated 2 to 2.5 times higher cut resistant in ASTM's cut-resistant yarn test. Additionally, it is strong against UV unlike aramid fibers and it has a wide color variations. It can be adapted for not only protective clothes, but also sport and outdoor clothes without loosing the sense of fashion.


Because the yarn itself is really strong and may cause damage to machines, it needs to be handled carefully. Currently, we have been developing products in cooperation with specific machine shops and knitters.

02 Rope/Strap

03 Others

It introduces some products which CYGUS is used. There products are adapted for using in daily life

Not only is CYGUS adapted to products for people, but it is also used for a product of dog.

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